Yoga & Pilates-Based Rehab Therapy in Eden Prairie


Wellspring Health Center utilizes therapeutic Yoga and Pilates Rehab Matwork whole body movements in our physical therapy protocols. Unlike conventional physical therapy which focuses on strengthening just the area of pain, our holistic approach creates healthy coordinated movement through the whole body to reduce pain and support long term recovery.

Pilates Matwork Rehabilitative Exercises are a series of exercises that are designed to re-align and strengthen specific back and abdominal muscles - the core muscles. Strong, flexible core muscles are essential to a healthy back. Our physical therapists have specialized training in Pilates Matwork Rehabilitative Exercises, which are some of the most challenging and effective exercises for rehabilitating back problems.

Pilates mat exercises were originally based on 6 principals: Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breathing, and Flowing Movement. The therapists use these principles to aid in the proper retraining and strengthening of the spine and extremities. Pilates mat exercises are especially well suited to the rehabilitation of neck, back and extremity conditions.

Wellspring physical therapists attend continuing education programs in advanced therapeutic Yoga and Pilates Rehab Therapy in order to provide the safest, most effective rehab therapy available in the Twin Cities metro area.

Our physical therapy services are covered by most major insurance plans.


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