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- The Staff at Wellspring Health Center

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"I have loved working with the staff at Wellspring Health Center! They have been my cheerleaders and provided me with the tools and knowledge to reach my goals of a healthy body and mind. The tremendous support has been a life line when I was at the end of my rope. I appreciate them all so much! Thank you!"

- Serena E.

"You all did wonders for me this summer and I will try to keep in line and not screw up your good work. I have to look back to where I was in May, having to use a cane after I got out of bed each morning. Now I must dust my cane for lack of its use. Thanks, gang, love what you did for me and love all of you."

- AJ 

"With having very little exercise for 2 years due to surgeries and living with arthritis and fibromyalgia for 30 years - it was time for me to do something. After treatment at Wellspring, I am able to do everything from cleaning my house, doing laundry, and just being able to walk without pain. The staff at Wellspring is awesome. I have never met such a group of caring people! Everyone was very patient with me while I improved over 5 months. It took 30 years to get in the shape I was so 5 months was a miracle."

- Mary K.

"I injured my neck while squatting and started having shooting pain into my head whenever I lifted weights. I was really upset. It turned out I also had terrible posture too. Wellspring Health Center has the best team of healthcare professionals I have ever worked with and some of the kindest, nicest, most patient people I've had the pleasure of knowing. Thank You!"

- Michael C.

"I never had back pain before my car accident, so it was very discouraging to be in such pain and feel so helpless. Everyone here at Wellspring Health Center was so helpful and reminded me to keep up the good work! ...They really took care of me like family."

- Karla G. 

"Before coming to Wellspring Health Center, I assumed I would have to live with the pain in my body (neck, shoulders and severe headaches and migraines). However, the first thing I was told when I came here was that I don't have to live with pain. Wellspring gave me hope and I can now say that I feel amazing! The staff is amazing, you make everyone feel special!"

- Miriam M. 

"Wellspring not only worked to relieve my pain, but WAY more importantly they taught me stretches and exercises to cure the problem at the source. At the risk of sounding overly enthusiastic, not only is Wellspring's approach unique and extremely helpful, but the staff is ridiculously kind, welcoming, affirming and down-right enjoyable to be around. It made me actually look forward to going three times a week!"

- Bruce B.

"I had extreme pain in my low back and legs. It limited my ability to bend, drive and take care of my kids and home. This made me feel hopeless and depressed and I wondered if or how I'd get the help I needed. Wellspring has been the only treatment I've had that is so thorough and allows treating more than one area. It's also the only place that made me feel there was hope for getting better and stronger. Thank you to each and every staff person here - I couldn't have come this far without you all."

- Bobbi P. 

"The staff at Wellspring Health Center is phenomenal! I would highly recommend this office to anyone. I always felt comfortable in the care I was given here. I felt everyone was knowledgeable and was doing everything in their power to make me better! Thank You!"

- Cheri W.

"I began treatment at Wellspring due to chronic upper back and neck pain. It limited my daily activities especially picking up my daughter and my sleep quality. After talking to my doctor many times about my back pain with no results, I'm happy I finally found somewhere that worked!"

- Tracy H. 

"I had tight and sore shoulders for years. I had sprained or pulled something in my neck and it destroyed my posture and was uncomfortable. Since my care at Wellspring, I can sit longer, my posture has improved and I stand taller. Overall, I feel much better. The staff at Wellspring rock!! I am so glad I was able to get my treatment done here. I would highly recommend coming here even if it is just to find out what your options are. Great, friendly, flexible and caring staff."

- Christina A. 

"I came to Wellspring Health Center with low back pain and neck pain. I was constantly sore at work and would get frequent headaches. After my care I noticed a change, expecially in exercise, I noticed my core working as the central muscle, which I contribute to my pain going away. It makes working our and activities so much easier and beneficial."

- Diana N. 

"I came to Wellspring Health Center because certain movements were causing shooting pain in my right back, knee, hip, shoulder, neck and causing headaches. In an attempt to avoid the pains, I stopped exercising and spent a lot of time laying on the couch. After treatment at Wellspring, I feel more ready to pursue hobbies I was forgetting about like my favorite, mountain biking, and playing with my daughter is so much easier. My appointments at Wellspring were often the high point of my day. Everyone was very friendly and I left feeling both invigorated and relaxed."

- Jason P. 

"My neck, shoulders and elbows hurt every day, which made me just want to sit on the couch and do nothing. It was such a joy to work with everyone at Wellspring Health Center. I was always happy to come to my appointments knowing that everyone worked so hard with me and truly cared about my progress. I would absolutely recommend anyone with pain to come here."

- Cheri P. 

"Any sort of reaching would send pain and tingling shooting down my arm. I always had to stop, pause and resume what I was doing. After treatment at Wellspring Health Center, my symptoms have been virtually eliminated. I have greatly improved my overall posture, which improves any activity that affects reaching."

- Jennifer J. 

"I had acute right hip pain that made it difficult to walk. I also had chronic neck pain from an old whiplash injury. I relied on drugs to be comfortable. I was very miserable and hopeless. With the help from the professional and skilled staff at Wellspring, I was able to get my strength back! I'm so grateful! Sticking with the plan proved worthy when I saw my before and after posture photos. I would recommend Wellspring to anyone!"

- April F. 

"I am an RN on a busy hospital unit. I came to Wellspring Health Center due to the chronic upper back pain which was getting worse at work. I was worried I might incur a permanent injury - which is not uncommon in nurses. Since coming to Wellspring, I feel like I have lost weight (even though I haven't) and feel like I am 5-10 years younger! I really appreciate the individual attention, and that I felt cared about, and the peaceful atmosphere."

- Sue G.

"I had low back pain from playing golf. I could not work a full day and could not play golf or do my exercises. After treatment at Wellspring Health Center, my core strength and flexibility was greatly improved. I even have a better golf swing -more powerful with less stress on my back! I would recommend Wellspring to anyone."

- Dan M.

"I had been going to physical therapists for 20 years with no lasting results. I wasn't able to play tennis or golf and had to limit some social activities. Wellspring Health Center was my last hope. After treatment here, I can be active at home with housework, walk long distances and be more active socially. I have less pain and tension in my body, I can sleep better at night and have more energy. I think the staff here is excellent, friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable. I will definitely tell my friends to come here."

- Sara C.

"I decided to come to Wellspring because I had been in a few car accidents in my childhood which caused my neck and lower back to be tense all the time. I wasn't able to workout, go to school all day, and do normal activities without pain. After treatment at Wellspring I have more ROM in my neck and can see by blindsides while driving. I can also lift the kids that I nanny for without any pain! My time here has truely been a life changing experience for me. Everyone here is so welcoming and cares about your progress. I would recommend Wellspring to anyone that is having issues. This is an amazing clinic that I have enjoyed coming to."

- Erin K.

"My low back was accidentally hit by a golf cart. I was in a lot of pain and sitting was difficult. I attended a golf workshop and staff from Wellspring Health Center were there offering a free massage. I learned more about them and went in for a consultation. I was very impressed with their holistic approach... In the past when I have gone other places for various injuries, I was given exercise sheets to do on my own with very little "coaching". At Wellspring all of the staff pay attention to how you are doing. The exercises follow a progression and build on the basics. I can honestly say Wellspring Health Center has made a lifelong impact on my life."

- Pat R.

"The staff is genuinely caring and kind. All Physical Therapist's say they are individualized but this is the first time in 10 years of recovery that it is just about me and treatment is not painful."

- Cass T.

"I limped noticeably, with pain in my left knee and lower leg. I went about my teaching/coaching duties with pain. I had terrible range of motion in my left leg. Now, I walk, ride an exercise bike and bicycle, even jog with significantly less pain. From the second I walk into Wellspring Health Center, I am treated like family! Everyone is very professional, answering questions and informing me of the "why" of each treatment. I love the variety that your clinic offers for recovery."

- Phil F. 

"I was in a car accident and the pain in my back was so strong that I could not sleep more than 20 minutes at a time. My arm and hand were also becoming numb and made being a student hard. After the warm, friendly and jubilant staff at Wellspring worked with me I can say that Everything has improved! I am able to get enough rest, sit through lectures, take notes, fully interact with my daughter and over all enjoy life!"

- Dena W. 

"I started physical therapy because of lower back, neck and shoulder pain. I sit at a desk all day for work and by the afternoon, it was very uncomfortable to stay seated. By the time I got home from work I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was lay in bed. Since working with the staff at Wellspring Health Center, I can now sit through an entire day of work, make dinner at home and still have enough energy to play with my six year old and the rest of my family. I can sit at my scrapbook table and craft as long as I want to. I can take the puppy for a walk and come home and still do housework."

- Kelly C.

"I had a shoulder injury from swimming - over usage maybe. I called my insurance's member services. They listed PT places in my area and Wellspring Health Center sounded the most interesting. The last two months have been rewarding to come to Wellspring. The staff is very considerate and courteous. I am now back to almost everything. I like the added value of learning how to improve my posture and strengthen my core."

- Mary E.

"I had poor posture which made me look bad and feel bad about myself. I also had numbness in my left arm with sharp pains whenever I sneezed. I pretty much ignored the problems. It seemed it was just the hand I was dealt. I did not realize how much better things could be until I met the staff at Wellspring. The thing I appreciate the most is that I can see and feel how much the staff really cares about me."

- Todd T.

"I started out by driving someone else to Wellspring Health Center and watched the progress of patients that I saw there. Because it was alternative pain management, I decided to try Wellspring and I loved it. My goal was to get off of pain meds and I did it! I love the staff and the awareness and care they have for the individual. We all weren't treated the same as we all had different issues. The staff were professional and compassionate."

- Jean S.

"I really like the way the treatment is set up with the different stations. The holistic approach is also beneficial. Exercises are taught using proper techniques and the staff goes above and beyond to ensure quality care."

- Kristin C.

"Thank you! The staff at Wellspring Health Center is fantastic! It was necessary to resolve the sharp neck pain that was limiting my daily activities. It was an added bonus to relieve the ongoing pain that I just assumed was part of my life."

- Carolyn V.

"I had spent 62 days in the hospital with physical therapy, a wheelchair, several medications, MRI's, CT Scans and talk of back surgery. Everything was pretty much rock bottom for me. I was referred by a woman who was a patient at (Wellspring). I placed my faith in the team (at Wellspring) and they continue to work their magic. I have less pain, am able to sit, stand and walk better, sleep better at night and have more energy and flexibility. Everyone has done a fantastic job. Thank you -- you are my heroes!!"

- Greg H. 

"My husband, who was a patient, suggested I come to Wellspring Health Center because of my ongoing headaches. Usually I lived with having to take Excedrin Migraine. After care at Wellspring my body feels freer – I'm not so bound up, and certainly not plagued by daily headaches. Wellspring is well named. It is a place of tranquility to foster wellness as a spring board to living life well. The staff is superb! So caring, positive, calm, capable and kind. I feel so blessed to have benefited from their knowledge and care."

- Julie J. 

"I was in a car accident. My left side was affected, neck, shoulder, and lower back. I constantly felt that I had limited movement throughout my neck and back. I felt very comfortable receiving treatment and knew that they (Wellspring) provided outstanding care!! Thank you for my treatment, being educational, comforting and energizing!"

- Abby E.

"The Physical Therapists have moved me through exercises I'd never thought I could do - building strength layer by layer. The most extraordinary change though has been through (myofascial release) and the release of VERY tight pressure points. Now I have less pain and discomfort and can move so much better."

- Norma W.

"Wellspring Health Center helped me improve my overall health and posture. I had a sports injury, making it extremely difficult to walk and perform day-to-day activities. I am now more aware of how to prevent tension and improve posture through stretching and exercise. The staff was/is extremely caring, supportive, and friendly. I enjoyed working with all of the therapists - everyone was great! They worked well with me even when my insurance provider wouldn't. I noticed 100% improvement in my health and mobility from my first consultation."

- Nicole R.

"I was experiencing back and neck pain after painting a ceiling. When it didn't go away after 3 weeks I decided I needed some help. Everything requiring physical movement is better now. I also sleep better. I love coming to Wellspring Health Center... the atmosphere is relaxing and the staff is very caring and capable. I always feel better when I leave - both physically and mentally."

- Sharon H.

"I was more irritable with the limitations I had with my hip in doing formerly enjoyed activities and I was having difficulties sleeping. With the care from the staff at Wellspring Health Center, I can walk more comfortably and can continue to bike, swim and lift weights. Everyone here is very helpful and sincerely cares. Wellspring is an excellent place with professional and highly skilled staff. Wellspring gives a person hope! Thank you!"

- Renae L.

"The staff at Wellspring Health Center was a pleasure to work with! Everyone was friendly, professional and helpful. I am very impressed with the service. I think the treatment I recieved was specific to my needs and the technology and treatment Wellspring uses is a step above other clinics."

- Jenni K.

"I was frustrated with my left knee and right hamstring pain. With any activity these spots would give me pain such that I had to stop almost immediately and the after effects would continue for days. After treatment at Wellspring Health Center I can workout, walk and run with much less pain. Everyone at Wellspring is exceptionally warm, friendly and caring. I received relief that I didn't expect could happen."

- Dave C.

"I'm truly amazed by how proper posture contributes to poise, which helps with every human encounter - being a patient (at Wellspring) has truly been a life changing experience. Besides the range of treatments, what sets Wellspring Health Center apart is the staff - what amazing, talented people! They all work together to help you reach your goals and I appreciate their commitment to my body's care. Thank you!"

- Linda C.

"My lower back and shoulder pain prevented me from sleeping well. As a result I was constantly tired and crabby. I stopped doing 90% of my activities. I became sedentary and weak. I tried many different avenues before coming to here. Wellspring Health Center took the most comprehensive look at what was going on as compared to anyone else I saw. The integrative approach is wonderful-like jigsaw pieces being put together and then the puzzle is done and you are so much better."

- L.R.

"I came to Wellspring because of prior car accidents and horrible posture. Physically I was in pain every day. From standing to lifting and even laying down would put me in pain. I would get crabby and irritated that I was constantly sore and unhappy. Since treatment at Wellspring, I have less pain and tension in my body. There was always a warm, inviting atmosphere whenever I went there. I loved everything about my treatment there."

- Candice C.

"Five years ago I had a spinal fusion and in April of this year my back really began to hurt. I did not want to just follow down the path of having spinal epidurals which only eased the pain for a day or two. When Jane, a very nice woman who is a regular at my gym, told me about the Wellspring clinic in Eden Prairie, she had nothing but good things to say about them. Since I have been a patient there, the changes have been dramatic. I am, for the most part, pain-free. I am getting better at moderating my activity but I will occasionally do too much and hurt myself. Now, however, I can apply what I've learned at Wellspring Health Center to get back to better faster. I have nothing but great things to say about the staff at Wellspring. They are the most competent group of service providers I have ever met."

- Clif E.

"Every couple months or so my lower back would go out, I would be in so much pain that I just laid on the floor for three days or so doing nothing. It would slowly get better with use of some medication ... until the next time it would go out, just a couple of months later. Well, I finally got sick of the pain cycle - so I committed myself to the treatment at Wellspring Health Center. The staff is so competent and focused. They always kept me on the task at hand - to strengthen my core. It has been one year since I have finished my treatment at Wellspring, and I wanted to let everyone know that my back hasn't gone out since! Every time it starts hurting, I apply the techniques that therapists taught me and my pain goes away! I wish I would have come to Wellspring to stop the pain cycle long before I did!"

- Dave O. 


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